InFlectis BioScience’s current lead asset is an orally available small molecule drug candidate, named IFB-088 (also named: Sephin1) with a validated mechanism of action (Das I. et al. 2015 Science) and a promising pharmacokinetic profile to target the central and peripheral nervous system.

IFB-088 is a modulator of PP1/PPP1R15A (GADD34) stress-induced phosphatase complex involved in the de-phosphorylation of eIF2. IFB-088 prelongs CAP-dependent protein translation attenuation in stressed cells, leaving more time to cells to restore proteostasis.

IFB-088 is currently in phase 1 clinical trial to evaluate its safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics in healthy volunteers.

IFB-088 primary targeted market is Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease subtypes 1A & 1B. IFB-088 has obtained orphan drug designation from the US FDA and EMA for the treatment of CMT. IFB-088 has the unique potential to improve the lives of demyelinating CMT-1A and CMT-1B patients. The phase 2 clinical trial in CMT-1A and 1B patients is scheduled in 2020.

InFlectis BioScience has designed a second series of modulators of eIF2 dephosphorylation targeting of the non-orphan market. The company is currently selecting its drug candidate for clinical development.