At InFlectis BioScience we highly value partnership and partnering is part of our core strategy. The Company remains open and committed to identifying and pursuing the optimal business strategy to maximize the commercial value of each of its products, improve patient care and generate significant financial returns to its shareholders.


InFlectis BioScience seeks to establish partnership(s) with pharmaceutical industry organization(s) interested in partnering the clinical development of our products in one or several disease indications to forge mutually beneficial licensing deals. All our projects are wholly-owned by Inflectis BioScience for which various partnership opportunities are available. This out-license activity of our drugs will allow Inflectis BioScience to build a broad base of license fees, milestone payments and royalty income.

Sponsored Research

In addition, by coupling our world-leading expertise in the cellular defense system against misfolded proteins and our efficient drug discovery technology, we are able to identify preclinical-stage development products that modulate key proteins involved in misfolded protein disorders areas through early proof-of-concept prior to licensing.

This sponsor research activity will allow to generate fee for service payment prior to get potential licensing revenues.

For information regarding partnering opportunities with InFlectis BioScience, please contact us at